Dreams of Stendahl

Paula Bowers Hotvedt

I loved weaving from the first moment I walked into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I was fascinated by the wall of yarn with all the vibrant colors and textures and the looms and other equipment filling the studio. I now have my own studio with a wall of yarn and three looms, a sewing section and a dying area.

Weaving is an art form from which one learns continuously. Weave structures, color, texture and design keep challenging me to build on the very ancient craft of weaving. It all becomes intertwined as I create new pieces and new designs. I love the movement of fabric, its "hand"; fabric has its own kinetic energy and personality. I work with natural fibers and very fine threads which best define the graphic design of pattern and the most fluid movement of the cloth itself. Fiber makes a statement regarding the influences that helped create it - voices moving from the artist onto the cloth itself.

I view my weaving as part of a wonderful continuum, going back, largely unchanged, for centuries. The history of this continuum allows me to move forward exploring new materials and new designs with excitement and confidence.


  Shown: Dreams of Stendahl

2017 Schedule coming soon!