Handwoven Fabrics For Your Home

Handwoven Interior Design Fabrics, Paula Bowers.jpg

Your home says a lot about you. Decor items created with Paula Bower's handwoven fabrics will transform your living spaces. Her complex woven patterns, sublime colors, and softly luxurious textures add a warmth and distinctiveness to your home that makes an inviting and memorable statement. Graceful draperies, eye-catching table runners and striking pillows are but a few uses for these inspired fabrics.



Paula can create her weaves in most any imaginable color palette. Working with her to customize the feel of your home is a personal and style defining experience. Paula can help you define the desired weight of your fabrics based on intended use, and she will assist you in finding  weave patterns and color choices that allow you to live your style.

The weave samples Throughout this website Can be made in any color. LIGHTWEIGHT FABRICS CAN BE FUSED TO A BACKING FOR DECOR USAGE.  Your choice is wide open!

Each weave sample shows approximately one square foot of fabric.


Paula's CUSTOM HOME DECOR YARDAGE begins with a project consultation. This can be done via a meeting, or through phone and emails. The outcome of the consultation is the establishment of the specific use of the fabric (taking into account normal use, care and wear), the choice of pattern and colors for the fabric, and the determination of the amount of yardage that will be needed. Paula will create custom samples of your fabric choices, so that you can order your handwoven yardage with confidence.   

DESIGN FEE:  $150   To be paid at beginning of the project consultation.

COST PER YARD:  $35.00-$80.00   Depending on weight and content of fibers used in the yardage.

Paula's custom fabrics are benchmarks in craftsmanship. The width of these fabrics can range from Paula's standard 30-35 inches and go up to 45 inches. The minimum amount of yardage that may be ordered is 5 YARDS. The maximum length of Paula's handwoven fabrics is 25 YARDS, and multiple 25 yard lengths of the same fabric may be ordered.